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Common Questions

How long is your initial consolation?

I suggest setting aside at least 90 minutes…if not longer.  I know, that’s sounds like a long time, however the more information (goals, exercise history, nutritional habits, assessments, etc…) I can gather the better I can craft the absolute best program for us in order to reach your goals.

How much space and equipment do I need to train at home?

You’d be surprised how little space we’ll need to get a great workout.  Part of the initial consultation is to assess the best area(s) to train and make any suggestions as we move forward.  I’ve had clients get started with as little equipment as an exercise ball, yoga mat, a couple sets of dumbbells and some bands and a TRX door attachment (both of which I can bring for us to use).

How much does your program cost?

Impossible to say, it would be like giving someone a driving directions and a time estimate without knowing the beginning and ending destinations.  That’s another reason why my intestinal consultation is both free and so thorough.  So I can create the best program options for us.

Are there other options for us to train if in-home isn’t a possibility?

Certainly, I have an exercise facility where I like in Brickell

I have no exercise experience, is that ok?

Yes, in fact, I often find that no experience is better than a bad experience.  Teaching the body to perform movements the right way, from the start, is much easier than correcting faulty exercise form.

My work schedule is demanding, how can I invest time and effort into your (our) program?

Great question, I have a combination of early morning (before work) , afternoon, and late evening availability throughout the week.  I also work both weekend days.  If you’re dedicated to being a better version of yourself then I will set aside times that work for you, I promise.

I have current injuries I’m concerned about, should I wait before I get started?

Absolutely not, part of your initial consultation is a spinal screening test, kinetic chain assessment, postural and load bearing assessments, nutritional analysis, and any relevant functional and diagnostic testing I feel is relevant.  In other words let’s get to the bottom of the problem not continue dancing around the symptoms – doctor to doctor, therapist to surgeon, drug to yet another pill bottle. 

What age group do you work with?

I’ve worked with youth as young as 9 and adults as wise as 85.  The best time to get in the best shape of your life is right now!

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