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As a registered holistic nutritionist I’ve empowered hundreds of people, men and women just like you, to translate science-based nutrition information into a realistic and manageable eating plan and to reach their health and weight loss goals.  By utilizing the incredible tool of Metabolic Typing™  (customized genetic based nutrition), I can help you to shed excess weight, lower cholesterol or blood pressure, boost energy or simply stay healthy as you age. Working one-on-one with me will give you the tools, confidence, and support you need to eat healthfully today - and for the long term.

What My Program Includes

-- A Customized Nutrition Plan that outlines meal times, portion sizes, appropriate food combinations and actual meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Your meal plan will be based on where you actually eat - restaurants, take-out and at home.

-- A Nutrition Action Plan that outlines the dietary changes necessary to help you achieve your goals. In essence, this is a list of specific strategies and recommendations that will help you improve your nutrition, your nutritional intake and your activity level.

-- A Specific Supplementation Plan that will further optimize your energy, immune and digestive systems, and overall metabolism.  You will also get direct access to Ultra Life – the leader in customized supplements (the same company I use).    

-- A Customized Lifestyle Recommendation Plan that will address any specific concerns not addressed by nutrition and exercise alone.  These powerful tools can help combat adverse lifestyle habits, excess travel, and stress – just to name a few. 

-- A Goal setting Workshop which will enable us to chart our progress and build a foundation for both short and long-term success.  As you start to reach your nutritional goals it’s not uncommon to set and achieve new goals you never thought possible.

How do I get started?

Do you understand that you are what you eat and are willing to make changes to your nutrition? 

Have you tried crash and/or fad diets in the past with little to no results?    

Are you tired, overweight or have had a drop in energy from when you were younger?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then the next step is easy – simply contact me to schedule a consultation

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