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Home of the Andrew Stearns FITNESS personal training studio and healthy meals test kitchen.  It’s a popular area for personal training, Brickell has traditionally been known as a financial district, in recent years, construction of numerous condominiums and apartment towers has changed the landscape and energy.  My Brickell personal training clients and I often head over to Bayfront Park for a change of pace outdoor workout!

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Coral Gables


Personal training in Coral Gables, the "City Beautiful", is incredibly supportive for healthy living, organic grocery shopping and dining out.  Among the many landmarks in Coral Gables are great outdoor parks for creative and challenging personal training -- a welcomed addition to in-home personal training.  Coral Gables has traditionally placed high priority on historic preservation as well as residents desire for a healthy lifestyle.   

Coconut Grove Personal Training.jpg

Coconut Grove


Also known colloquially as The Grove, is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Miami. The area is often referred to as "The Grove" and many locals take pride that Coconut Grove is one of the greenest areas of Miami.  As a Coconut Grove personal trainer and nutritionist most sessions are done in-home, however the beautiful David T. Kennedy Park provides quite a landscape to train and a welcomed motivational breath of fresh air for outdoor meetings.

Key Biscayne Personal Training.jpg

Key Biscayne


Key Biscayne is a beautiful balance between privacy and community, however it does have its health and wellness challenges.  As a leading expert in personal training in Key Biscayne I’ve taught many clients how to successfully navigate limited nutritional options along with a busy schedule.  One of my most popular fitness program options, included for all my Key Biscayne personal training clients, are grocery shopping tours and cooking classes.  Along with Crandon Park / in-home training I also offer special meal prep options to clients who simply aren’t able to travel to the mainland as often as they’d like.

South Beach Personal Training.jpg

South Beach


Miami Beach is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels…this we know.   But how can one find a balance between work & play, healthy living & socializing, enjoying all Miami has to offer yet looking your best?  South Beach personal training and body transformation can be challenging if you have to do it alone, the pitfalls are endless.  The good thing is you’re not alone, I can help.  I’ve been motivating my South Beach personal training clients for over 20 years.  I assure you, there’s a method to the South Beach madness, book a free consultation and I’ll show you how.  

Pinecrest Personal Training.jpg



Recognized as one of the top ten best places in Florida for “quality of life”.  There’s no better way to enjoy what the beautiful village has to offer, while looking and feeling your best, than with personal training in Pinecrest.  Picturesque homes and a landscape that boasts 5 parks (Coral Pine Park, Flagler Grove Park, Evelyn Greer Park, Suniland Park, and Veterans Wayside Park) there’s never a shortage of locations to transform one’s body.  As a Pinecrest personal trainer I’ll show you how to achieve the body of your dreams.

South Miami Personal Training.jpg

South Miami


The city has numerous parks and a vibrant Downtown filled with historic buildings, restaurants and unique shops.  Not to be mistaken with South Beach South Miami has an energy all to its own.  South Miami personal trainer is a title I wear with pride -- Metabolic Typing, Physical Therapy, Body Transformation, Weight Loss are all aspects that have cemented my enthusiasm within my South Miami personal training and wellness practice.    

North Miami Beach - Sunny Isles Personal Training.jpg

Sunny Isles / North Miami Beach


Sunny Isles Beach is an area of cultural diversity with stores lining Collins Avenue, the main thoroughfare through the city. It is renowned for having the 14th tallest skyline in America despite its relatively low population.  An area with impressive views and an energy to match -- holistic health, nutrition coaching, physical therapy and personal training in Sunny Isles is quite popular.    I’m grateful to be the go-to Sunny Isles personal trainer for many clients 

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