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To have energy you must give energy, that’s why I continue to push myself physically, and spiritually so I can continue to give you all that I have – so you can reach all of your goals


Andrew Stearns is a Holistic Health Practitioner -- certified in personal trainer and registered in Metabolic Typing.  A renowned expert on exercise and nutrition, he is regarded as a leader and trailblazer in the wellness industry.  Andrew has lectured across the United States and has a passion for sharing what he has learned through his personal training and nutritional coaching practice.  

Born in Newark, NJ, Andrew developed a passion for sports and exercise at a young age.  It was this passion that enabled Andrew to pursue a career in baseball throughout high school, college and beyond.  After three years of semi-pro baseball he directed his energy and passion to a career in health and fitness.      

By the age of 25 Stearns had finished his graduate work and completed a two year mentorship with world-renowned nutritionist and Metabolic Typing expert Dr. Dennis Passante.  Having already held certifications from the most respected exercise science boards, Andrew took action and opened his own health and performance company, F.I.T. SYSTEMS.

F.I.T. Systems (Focused Innovative Training) was the perfect way to reach more people eager for the truth about weight loss, performance, ensuring their children’s health, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Andrew has worked with a number of athletic teams as their strength and conditioning coach and nutritional consultant.  He has been featured in a number of periodicals, receiving glowing reviews not only for his work with athletic teams but also his groundbreaking programs for physically challenged individuals.

Over the past 25 years as a wellness professional, Andrew has aligned himself with some of the most respected and cutting-edge holistic wellness and healthcare professionals in the country.  These personal and professional relationships have not only brought him a wealth of professional referrals, but have broadened his insight and increased the scope of his wellness practice.  

Today, Andrew lives in Miami, Florida and focuses on educating people in person and online in a private one-on-one sessions.     

“My ultimate goal is to empower as many people as I can to make fundamental changes in their lives through exercise and nutrition.”

— Andrew Stearns

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